Europlanet Society

Europe's Community for Planetary Sciences


The Europlanet Society was launched in September 2018 to promote the advancement of European planetary science for the benefit of the community. The Society is open to individual and organisational members and provides a sustainable legacy for 15 years of Europlanet projects funded by the European Commission.

The Society's mission is to:

  • Expand and support a diverse and inclusive planetary community across Europe through the activities of its 10 Regional Hubs
  • Build the profile of its sector through outreach, education and policy activities
  • Underpin the key role Europe plays in planetary science through developing links at a national and international level.

The Society organises the annual European Planetary Science Congress (EPSC), the largest annual meeting on planetary science in Europe.

The day-to-day running of the Society is managed by the Europlanet Society Executive Office, hosted by the European Science Foundation (ESF) in Strasbourg, France.

Membership & Structure

Individual membership is open to active researchers, early career scientists, students, retired scientits as well as amateur astronomers, industrial partners, outreach providers and educators.

Corporate membership is open to any institution, organisation or association involved in planetary science and related fields.

The Society is structured around 10 Regional Hubs that organise networking events and workshops to support the research community and build links with amateur astronomers, industrial partners, policymakers, educators, the media and the wider public.

Europlanet Society members are welcomed to participate in one or two of the following Regional Hubs:

  • Benelux
  • Central Europe region
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland and UK
  • Italy
  • Northern Europe
  • Portugal and Spain
  • Southeast Europe
  • Switzerland


Upcoming events:

  • Europlanet Summer School 2019: Registration is now open
  • Europlanet Webinar: Volcanism on Io 25 March, 14:30 GMT/15:30CET

For more information, please visit Europlanet Society's website.

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